Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...Do What You Do...

December was certainly a busy month for shows! Just a few days after driving to Atlantic City for Avenged Sevenfold, then Starland Ballroom for Life of Agony the following day, we headed into NYC for Mudvayne.

The Fillmore at Irving Plaza will probably always be my favorite venue. It's so small and cozy, and has this great little balcony above so you can stay out of the fray and still have a view. Matt, Jenna, Tommy, and I drove into the city after work, and parked at the garage around the corner that we've become so familiar with.

Snot was the first band to play, and as I wasn't really into their new lineup, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention. They were energetic, and got the crowd going. Then Ten Yea
rs came on and basically put the entire place to sleep. I'm not saying they didn't put on a good show, just that it was far too slow and mellow to keep us all going.

Throughout the night, I was putting down Guinness' like there was no work tomorrow. I hadn't eaten anything all day, so this wasn't the best plan. At one point, Tommy and I ran down the long staircase and out the front door for a cigarette. No problems then, but on the way back up the stairs, I realized how drunk I was when I missed a step and fell face-first onto the stairway. Tommy was hysterical, but he promised that no one had seen and that he wouldn't tell anyone. His promise didn't matter much, since I ran back upstairs and immediately told everyone the story of my crash landing
. A few minutes later, Matt claims that I lost my balance and fell into a wall. In reality, I was trying to lean against said wall, and it was simply further away than I expected. Not my proudest moments.

Anyway, we planned to hang out on the balcony for Mudvayne, expecting the crowd below to get pretty violent. About halfway through the first song, however, my drunken self decided that downstairs looked like so much more fun! I left the other three upstairs and made my way into the crowd. For some reason, every time I tapped a person in front of me on the shoulder, they saw that I was a small girl and just let me in front of them. Within a couple of songs, I was at the front rail without having to push a single person. I snapped some pictures up close, and grinned and waved at my astonished friends standing upstairs. Picture note: the lead singer came out wearing an Elmo costume without the head.

In the end, we all had a blast at the show, and I was ready to pass out by the time we started driving home. Work was no fun the next day!

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