Thursday, January 28, 2010

...You Been On My Mind

Well, since my last update, I haven't actually lost any weight. I haven't gained any, either. I guess maintenance isn't such a bad thing, right?

Over the past month, I've stepped up my workouts quite a bit. I'm playing soccer three nights a week, and one of those nights is for three different teams. It ends up being about 225 soccer minutes per week. I love indoor soccer; it's so small and close together that you sprint the whole time, instead of spreading out like on a 10 v 10 outdoor field.

Dave and I joined a gym about three weeks ago. I'm still getting my workouts sorted out, but right now I'm doing cardio (generally intervals on the stationary bike) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (depending on what night I have soccer), Saturday, and Sunday. Then I do a full body strength workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I do some legs and shoulders in every workout, but I alternate biceps/back and triceps/chest days.

In the past week, I've lost 1" from my waist!

In other news, Mom has been quite sick recently. A couple of months ago, her seizures began increasing in frequency, and it was decided that she shouldn't drive until they are under control. She has to be without any seizures for three months before she can drive again. She's been to all of her doctors, including the neurosurgeon that did her brain surgery ten years ago, and had every test imaginable, but none have revealed any cause for the seizures.

About three weeks ago, she was taken to the emergency room suffering from extremely low blood pressure. It turned out that she had a major kidney infection, a UTI, and was severely dehydrated. All of that, plus what appears to have been improper high blood pressure medication, caused some cardiac issues. She was admitted to intensive care, and the doctors spent a couple of days diagnosing and treating the infections, and working to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. She was moved out of the ICU when the blood pressure stabilized, but remained in the hospital for just over a week total.

Now she is home, feeling a bit better, but still very tired and week. Her primary doctor has told her not to go back to work until at least February 1st, and prescribed complete relaxation until then. Depending on how she feels next week, she will probably extend the time even longer and go on disability. She's going crazy being at home, with pretty much only Dad for company, but we keep trying to impress on her that being healthy has to be the priority. Since she hasn't been driving, I go down to her house on Saturdays, and take her out to run errands. I always try to work in lunch, as well, otherwise she might not eat anything all day. She claims that she's been eating much better while she's been out of work, so we'll see.