Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sky Rockets in Flight...

Mmmm, yogurt!

Every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up something that I feel like I should be eating, and yogurt is usually on that list. I take home a kind that seems healthy and looks like it might taste decent, but end up only eating half of the container. Over the years, I have thrown away many containers of perfectly good yogurt that I let expire uneaten in my refrigerator.

Most of the time, it's the artificial sweetener that gets me. I understand why people try to avoid high sugar foods, but I just can't agree that filling up with chemical sweeteners is a better idea. Besides, they leave horrible aftertastes that stay with me all day, no matter what else I eat. I also don't like the creepy chunks that seem like they can't possibly be real fruit that are typically blended in.

Ok, so normally I am not really a fan of yogurt, but this stuff is actually good! Really, it seems more like pudding than anything. Though sucralose (Splenda) is a primary ingredient, the main flavor that I tasted was caramel. This specific flavor may be too sweet for some, but I was feeling like sweet, and it was perfect for me. At 100 calories, a cup is perfect for a mid-morning or -afternoon snack, or as a nice substitute for ice cream in the evening. I picked up the Chocolate Raspberry as well.