Monday, May 4, 2009

Like a Band of Gypsies...

Ah, on the road again...this time to Grand Rapids, MI.

Dave was supposed to be making this trek with me, but at the last minute, our nephew was being baptized the same weekend. Missing Alex's baptism didn't make me very happy, and neither did a twelve-hour drive by myself, but I was already committed to working this gluten-free event.I left New Jersey bright and early, hoping to make it to the Kil's place by dark. The ride out was mostly uneventful, though I do remember texting Jenna to comment that everywhere I stopped for gas, the locals were staring at me. She replied, "They probably haven't seen a new face in a long time!" It's funny how self-awareness always comes in a flash... "Actually, it may be because I'm a tattooed, pierced, skull t-shirt wearing freak with Jersey plates..."I knocked at the back door and was received by an extremely excited Ike. He presented me with all of the nearest toys, including his ride-on giraffe, before I could even put down my bags. It was already dinner time, so we packed him up and headed out for some grub.We did a couple of laps around the block while waiting for our table, and I figured Ike would sleep pretty well that night. As usual, I had a blast chatting it up with Dave and Sarah, and it was great to see the little guy that Ike had turned into. We stopped at a liquor store on the way home for a couple of six packs, then headed back to the house for some relaxation. Ike was asleep pretty quickly, and we just lounged on the couch for a few hours.
On Saturday, I had to get up relatively early and drive to the college where the event was being held. They were nice enough to provide a volunteer to help me make samples through the day, and everything went very well. I was out of there by three o'clock, and headed back to the homestead.
We spent Sunday morning relaxing and playing outside with Ike, then loaded into the station wagon and drove to Aunt Mary's house for a barbecue. I met her boyfriend Cyrus, played some badminton with Johnny, and followed Ike around the yard, taking every rock he presented me with. At one point, he started to fall onto the deck, and I quickly grabbed him to keep him up (successfully), spilling beer all down the baby's back. Way to go!
Johnny, Sarah, and Aunt Mary made some yummy food, and we all chowed down. Then we headed back up to Freeport to get some rest before my long drive home the next day.
I'm getting awfully tired of this bridge.

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