Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking Back at Me...

So, let's bring you up to date:

The wedding is to be held October 4, 2008. We have the location and the guest list, and I recently sent out very cute Save-the-Date magnets. I purchased my dress and veil a couple of weeks ago, and it is hiding out in my parents' non-mold closet (as opposed to at my house). Otherwise, absolutely nothing is done. Flowers, DJ, Photographer, tuxes, and anything else you could think of, have not been worked on yet. We're actually still waiting for the location (a country club in the Catskills region of NY State) to provide us with a contract, even though guests have already begun to reserve their rooms.

Well, as of today I'm at 142 lbs. That's down 3 pounds since last Monday, so at least it is progress. Over the past two years, I've gone from 170 lbs to about 130 lbs, and from size 14 to size 5. Even with the 15 lbs I've put on since September when a back injury sidelined me from soccer for 3 months, I'm still chillin in my size 5s, so oh well. Soccer will increase to a possible 3-nights-per-week as of 13 April, so my hope is to have the motivation to get that going again. I'd like to get down to 120, or maybe even 115, and a size 3.

I've been sick for the past few days, since around Thursday of last week, so this past weekend was spent on the couch with my Daisy Rock acoustic/electric (aka Hesperus). Two days of continuous playing ripped right through my calluses, so I haven't been able to do much since. I try to play just about every day, whether it's working on scales, chords, finger exercises, songs, acoustic, electric, or bass. Right now, I'm giving the old college try to finger-picking. I made great progress this weekend, but these 2 days unable to play are really getting to me.

As far as travel, I'm headed to Grand Rapids, MI this weekend to meet my cousin Sarah's new baby. My flight out is at 9am Friday morning, through Detroit, and I'll be leaving around 6:30pm on Sunday. I can't wait! Sarah and I haven't been able to spend much time together at all over the past few years, and I've only been able to meet her husband a couple of times. She and I have many things in common, including the love of books, writing, music, and men named Dave...

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