Monday, August 11, 2008

Like a Million Miles Away...

We finally sent out our wedding invitations today. It was a lot of labor, and my nerve-damaged writing hand is swollen and painful. I spent the evening at Aunt Marsha's on Saturday, and she helped me fold cards and put packets together. I had forgotten to pick up the stamps for the response envelopes, so we were only able to organize everything and begin addressing outer envelopes. Aunt Marsha didn't think her handwriting was "pretty" enough, so I addressed all of them. Uncle Jack picked up some pizza, and we relaxed out on the deck, chatting about travel ideas and work. I wasn't feeling well after dinner, so I packed up everything and went home. Dave felt like taking his Challenger out for a while, so I set everything up on the coffee table and kept working. All of the outer envelopes were finished that night, except for the seven or eight who were for people that had recently moved and I needed addresses for. I couldn't do anything else without postage, so I took all of the boxes with me to work this morning and put in another couple of hours to finish them up.

This weekend is our annual road trip to Ohio for the DSM Shootout. Last year was crazy enough to fill about three pages of blog, and I expect this year to be just as interesting. Dave's car is running for the first time in three years, and we always have fun being his pit-crew.

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