Saturday, November 1, 2008

...Within Its Usual Frame

October was a very busy month, and I really haven't had any time to write, so now I'll try to catch up. Too many things went on to just skip it all! I've included a couple of random pictures from the Bridal Shower as well...

Wednesday, October 1, was my last night at the Junkyard as a "single" woman. Of course, having been with Dave for well over six years, it's more true to say that I have never been a "single" woman during Wednesday Night Drinking. Dave and I were supposed to pick up my man-of-honor Brian and his fiance Melissa at Newark Airport after work, but their scheduled flight out of Nashville, TN, was delayed, so they hopped an earlier flight that came into JFK Airport. There was no way for us to get through the city and back again at any reasonable hour, so they took the train to Ramsey, NJ, and I picked them up. While I was out, Dave ran over to the mall and picked up his and Brian's tuxedos, and we all met back at the house. After a quick try-on session, the guys went out and got us some pizza for dinner, then we cleaned ourselves up and went out. Brian and Melissa enjoyed the bar and the band, and got to meet a few of our friends there.

They were up early in the morning to meet with a priest about their upcoming wedding, and Dave and I headed over to the
Ramapo Courthouse to fill out our marriage certificate. Dave had called in advance to find out what identification we needed, and was told that a driver's license and social security card were required. He didn't have a social security card, so he brought his brand-new passport instead, hoping it would work. Of course, when we arrived there and spoke with the clerk, she expected us to both have two forms of photo ID, completely different from what the woman had said on the phone. We convinced her to accept my social security card, but it was hilarious. Next, we packed up our stuff, said good-bye to the puppies, and headed up to the Catskills. My parents, Brian and Melissa eventually met us up there, and we had some dinner and relaxed. Mom gave me a silver bangle bracelet to wear as my something borrowed; Dad had given it to her on their wedding day. Dad gave me an Indian Head penny as something old, without knowing the part of the tradition about a penny in the shoe. Before we went to bed, Mom was nice enough to write out the names on all of the place cards for me.

Since Dad has to turn the television on at roughly six o'clock in the morning, even if the
re are guests sleeping on the living room couch, we were all up pretty early on Friday. Mom and I went over to Diamond Deb's Nail Salon, Tanning, and Used Cars for a manicure and pedicure, where everyone kept telling me that I was the calmest bride they had ever seen. By that point, I felt like everything was already done, and it was just up to all of our vendors to do it right, and the weather to be on our side. Most of Friday was rainy and cold, but in the afternoon the sun came out.

I decided to call my boss and see how everything was going at work. I had been expecting a package to arrive be
fore we headed to the Catskills, and when it hadn't, I had left my boss instructions to overnight it to me at the country club. When I called, I found out that the package had arrived the day before, but for some reason, he had not sent it out. The package was the garter belt that I needed to hold up my stockings, so although not extremely important, I would be pretty uncomfortable without it. This is the only time the entire day that I got upset, feeling just so disappointed that this couldn't have been worked out. My dad suggested we call my brother Pete and find out where he was, and it turned out he wasn't very far away from my job (or at least, that's what they told me) and could stop by to pick it up. We all packed up our stuff and checked into the hotel at the country club where the wedding was being held, and waited for everyone to get settled. Pete drove my cousins Melody and Jesse, who were in town from St. Louis, up to the trailer, then headed over to the hotel. Not long after, Dave's dad showed up with Dave's grandmother and her companion Larry.

The next snag was a voicemail that my father received on his cell phone, saying that an aunt, uncle, and cousin would suddenly not be able to attend. Everyone was very upset, but I just felt like we would make everything work no matter what, so I wasn't going to stress about it. I quickly pulled their place cards and subtracted them from the seating chart.

We all got a little spiffied up and met in the country club for a short rehearsal with the minister. We quickly went over where we would enter, and the order of the procession, but didn't discuss very much about the ceremony itself, other than who would stand where. It was only about a half hour later than the time the wedding ceremony would be held, but it was very cold, and we were nervous about the next day. Throughout the evening, I pulled aside Brian, my brother, my mother, and my father individually, and gave them each the gifts that I had chosen. I thought it would be more personal and heartfelt that way, instead of in front of everyone during the rehearsal dinner itself. I had different bracelets for Mom, Brian, and Pete, and embroidered handkerchiefs for Dad. Next, we headed to the Andes Hotel in Andes, NY where we had a long, lazy dinner. It was nice and relaxed, and everything was yummy. When we left there, it was very cold out, and we were dreading the outdoor ceremony the next day. Back at the hotel, I wrote up the signs for the tables, and put table names on all of the place cards. Dave spent Friday night in his dad's room, and Mom slept in our room.

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