Thursday, August 7, 2008

...Right Round, Baby...

Apparently, pen spinning is a worldwide phenomenon that began in Japan over fifteen years ago. The Universal Pen Spinning Board features forums for the discussion of all things relating to pen spinning: tricks, buying and modding pens, and competition. There are even areas to talk about hand care and the pen spinning "philosophy". Bic has also launched a website featuring contests and pen spinning videos called the Pen Spinning Academy.

I guess now I can see why people have trouble understanding our love of cars. It's about the same thing, right?

I decided to delve a bit deeper into the world of "psing," and found this enlightening thread about whether females are suited for being pen spinners: Girls and pen spinning? Wow, talk about killing my dream.


  1. Maybe you could've titled this "Too Much Time on my Hands." Ah, well, I guess I shouldn't knock anyone's hobby.

    But, wow. There are some he-man woman haters on that thread you linked to.

  2. A project at work brought this topic up. I'm thinking I'll research competitive cup stacking next.