Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...My Dance In The...

Pete asked me to take a look at his taxes on Thursday night, so I made dinner for us. I also invited Rick over, so it ended up being a nice meal for the four of us. I had some Gorgonzola cheese in the house, so I followed this recipe for the chicken:

Chicken Gorgonzola Roulades

I had a few minutes to waste before beginning to cook, and there was still buttermilk in the house from dinner a couple of nights before, so I made up another quick batch of corn bread. I'll have to post the recipe when I get home. It's so easy, and doesn't take long at all, but everyone that has eaten it thought it was great. Dad said it reminded him of the corn bread that Nana used to make all the time when he was growing up.

Excluding the corn bread, which takes 75 minutes exactly (5 minutes to measure and mix ingredients, 30 minutes to sit, then 40 minutes to bake), the entire meal took 35 minutes to prepare and cook. For the sauce, I threw everything in a food processor for a few seconds, then just poured it in a pot and heated it through. I also made Risotto, and for that Rick was my helper, handing me measured cups of wine and chicken broth while we chatted.

I put a scoop of Risotto on each plate, a piece of chicken on top, and ladled a little sauce over everything. I removed the toothpicks from the chicken, but I didn't slice it as the recipe had said, just left the pieces whole. Overall, the meal turned out well; the guys thought the Spicy Roasted Pepper sauce was excellent, and Dave wants me to make it again.

I only had six chicken breasts for the four of us, three of which were big guys with large appetites, so I also made some peas with roasted garlic. In the end, only Pete ate two pieces of chicken, and we had one piece left over. None of us even touched the peas. The risotto was very filling, and everyone felt stuffed quickly.

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