Monday, February 9, 2009

School's Out Forever

Another one of those notes about me:
I would love to go back to school. If I did, it would be the culinary academy.
I really enjoy my job, but planning and prepping meals like the one mentioned in my last blog is more satisfying in a creative way. I love to work with my hands: chopping, measuring, mixing, etc. Cooking is probably my most artistic outlet, the only one where I can make things look and taste beautiful. Having grown up as an extremely picky eater, it amazes my family what I am willing to eat now, and the dishes I prepare generally include ingredients that I would never have eaten fifteen years ago.

I wish I had the drive and the funds to learn cooking as a craft. I feel as though I have a natural ability to put common ingredients together and make them taste new and original, but I lack the technique to make sauces always be the right thickness, or have meat be perfectly cooked every time. Cookbooks and the internet can only teach so much!

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